Thursday, May 13, 2010

Relay 2010 SUCCESS


team picture

Rob and Trace

Rachel and Kayla

Lars and Tracey

Future team captain ;)

Lois fighting the wind

Lars in the pizza truck :)

What an AWESOME Relay! We had such a great time getting the camp set up, running the pizza truck and staying all night long. We had new team members that came out to their first Relay and I hope they will come back next year. We had people drive in from all over, including my brother Rick from Michigan! We gave out PURPLE Survivor shirts since the ACS gave out white ones (THANK YOU HEATHER!!) which was a blessing. I loved hearing the Survivor's stories and seeing their faces at our campsite. I felt honored to have them stop at FFL.

So far we are 3rd at $17,600....we still have plenty of time. We have the Strand Concert and Silent Auction on May 23rd so tell your friends!!

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richies said...

Looks like you had a great Relay. Relays are awesome!

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