Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Relay Season Dates

Steering Committee Dates (if you're on committee)
Monday March 30th 5:30 at Wellstar
Monday April 20th 5:30 at Wellstar
Thursday April 30th BANK NIGHT at the Cobb EMC building
Tuesday May 5th at Jim Miller Park

Team Captains meetings (all team members are invited to attend)
Monday April 13th at 5:30 Sedalia Park Elementary

Friends for LIFE Meeting (all team members are encouraged to attend)
Luminary Decorating:Wednesday April 15th 6:00 Tracey's house BRING GARAGE SALE ITEMS and Luminary Names

Silent Auction
Monday March 16th at Piedmont Church (corner of Piedmont and Canton Roads in Marietta) from 6-8 pm

Garage Sale
Friday and Saturday April 17th and 18th from 8 am -3 pm

A few important details:
*The ACS is requiring that the $100 goal be met by each participant before receiving their tee shirt.
*This year individuals have the opportunity to purchase space in the program like an advertiser would do.
*As a transition from Kids Walk to Relay we will have a butterfly release (If someone does sponsor a butterfly (for $25 each) they will receive a special gold luminary bag for the campsite for the Relay Luminary Ceremony to be held later in the evening)
*As far as team fundraisers; we have the silent auction, the Spring garage sale, Papa Johns the night of and some sort of fundraiser for the Kids Walk (6 pm Friday night)