Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chalkers Friends for LIFE 2012

 2012 Chalker's Friends for LIFE Team Pic
Thank you to Mr. Hewett for printing our sign
 Ryan and Jess
 The boys working hard to sell pizzas

 I <3 Chalker PTA!!!
Someone won a cake walk treat, selling pizzas makes you hungry!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people that came out to support us.  After all donations and matching funds we will have raised close to $39,000.  Way to go!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tail Gate for a CURE

YAY!! I am happy to announce that the theme this year for Relay is Tailgate for a Cure. Since our team is a "blended family" I am suggesting that we come up with some sort of theme that lets everyone wear their own team colors. I know that I would not be very happy about wearing a rival teams jersey all night long and I also know that I have every piece of spirit ware made for my beloved tigers. Feel free to show your team pride and help us FIGHT BACK!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ready, Set, MERGE!

This is the 9th Relay for Friends for LIFE, we have been in the top 6 for 7 of those years...not too shabby!! Problem is that our group gets smaller and smaller but the demands remain the same-trying to keep that enthusiastic momentum takes a LOT of work. In an effort to maintain my sanity as a working sports mom, I decided that we needed to merge FFL with the kids elementary school. I currently sit on the PTA as the Health and Wellness chair, this of course encompasses Relay. My goal is to increase awareness that Chalker has had a team for many years and has done extremely well to boot. Since I will be working at school as well as on the personal team, it just made sense to put them together. My co-captain is Amy Scott, a 1st grade teacher at Chalker. I am really excited for what the year will bring!

On the Chalker side of things we will have Chick-Fil-A biscuit sales twice a month on Fridays before school. It has been a very successful fundraiser in the past and I agree that we should stick with what works. Hat days are also part of the plan. Our biggest endeavor is to incorporate "Relay Days" similar to Red Ribbon Week. This has been my dream to go County wide with this program and Chalker will give it a run this year. Relay Days will be the week leading up to the Relay event. Monday will be wear Purple. Friday will be a Hat day. In a perfect scenario we can incorporate fun relay facts into the morning announcements and life saving facts on how to prevent cancer throughout the curriculum. This may not happen all in one year but baby steps can make it happen. I would LOVE to have Chalker students make a trek out to the track with thier families for the actual Relay event. Keep your fingers crossed.

On the FFL side we will still do the garage sale in April. I am looking at 2-3 weeks out from Spring Break which is the 2-6th. I would like to give our Chalker Family time to get items to my house and give myself time to sort and price. Look for final dates to be posted to FB or the blog. We will also do on site Papa Johns sales. I hope to get the Pizza truck again and do our usual thing. Again, stick with what works. We will also do the Ballo-minaries again. These were so beautiful and I have tweaked the process a bit. I stumbled upon a new lighted balloon that I think will work much better for the unpredictable conditions of relay day.

I totally snagged this pic off the internet...maybe I can get the Chalker Cheetah to come out to Relay!?! That would be awesome!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wrap Up/Charge Up

WAY TO GO Friends for LIFE!! We came in at #5 for 2011!! We brought in over $19,000 and were recognized last evening at Brunswick Zone in Kennesaw. Cobb Relay is again the 4th largest Relay in the WORLD and we brought in over $820,000. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people that are helping to Celebrate, Remember, and FIGHT BACK!! Look for details for the 2012 Relay... :D Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Relay 2011

Another great year, another TEAM effort by all of our Friends for LIFE. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us on the track!

Friends for LIFE 2011

I did not even take my camera this year, all the pictures I have are courtesy of my Dad :)

Color guard to lead the opening lap

Jared selling pizzas

Mommy and Ryan

Survivor/ Caregiver Lap

Mom, Nan and Tracey

Mr. Willy Wonka and the Misster Relay participants

kind of blurry but it's hard to get this shot of the luminary ceremony

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Garage Sale 2011

We need your donations for our annual Friends for LIFE Spring Garage Sale. We will be hosting the sale at Tracey's house on April 15th and 16th. That means you have the entire week of Spring Break to Spring Clean! Please comment here to arrange for pick up or let me know when you can drop things by. We will be accepting item donations the week before.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cindy and Jennifer

I wanted to post this picture, I LOVE it!
This is what Relay is all about, bringing people together, CELEBRATING and FIGHTING BACK together...awesome! I waited to post cause I wanted Jen to see it in person first and to thank her for being such a fantastic co-captain this year!!!

Remember that we are still bringing in money until August 1st! Just $1500 or so shy of 1st place overall!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Relay 2010 SUCCESS


team picture

Rob and Trace

Rachel and Kayla

Lars and Tracey

Future team captain ;)

Lois fighting the wind

Lars in the pizza truck :)

What an AWESOME Relay! We had such a great time getting the camp set up, running the pizza truck and staying all night long. We had new team members that came out to their first Relay and I hope they will come back next year. We had people drive in from all over, including my brother Rick from Michigan! We gave out PURPLE Survivor shirts since the ACS gave out white ones (THANK YOU HEATHER!!) which was a blessing. I loved hearing the Survivor's stories and seeing their faces at our campsite. I felt honored to have them stop at FFL.

So far we are 3rd at $17,600....we still have plenty of time. We have the Strand Concert and Silent Auction on May 23rd so tell your friends!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garage Sale Results

WAHOO!! We brought in over $2300 for the garage sale this weekend--We R.O.C.K :) We had a ton of little items so it was a dollar here and a dollar there, but we did it. Great job, and a HUGE thank you to everyone that donated, worked and shopped the sale. I know I found a lot of nice stuff, come see my new recliner some time and stay for a frozen margarita. :)

Luminary party is on Friday (yes, this Friday the 23rd) at the HomerHouse. Call or email for more information. 770-924-1971 We will start around 6 pm. I need to know if you plan on coming so please RSVP.

We would like to welcome Cindy, Steve and Danielle Grimsley to the team. This isn't the first time we've had Grimsley's on Friends for LIFE, and I'll have to investigate to see if there is a relation there. :) Welcome to all of you! :) Please let me, or Jen, know if you have any questions.

Also, Jen has been working hard at getting the Strand fundraiser off the ground. I emailed information but we have fliers now and could use some help getting the word out about the concert. Contact me or Jen for details. 678-230-6534 or

That's all for now, I'm going to chill for a bit. See you on Friday night :)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 18th Meeting recap


A huge thank you to all the FFL members that came out to the meeting last Thursday at the HomerHouse. Sorry it has taken me so long to get the minutes to you. Life gets in the way of living sometimes!

I would like to welcome two new team members that joined today, Sarah and Robin-thank you for signing up to be a part of this FIGHT. Welcome back to Karen as well, she took advantage of the free registration that is going on until Friday. Just an FYI I have submitted team tee shirt sizes for everyone registered as of today. Anyone that joins after today will have to either 1) not have a team shirt or 2) get whatever size I have extra of. Our team theme is cANSWER Krewe and that will be on the shirt in some form, haven't finalized the design yet. :)

Tomorrow (Thursday the 25th) will be a LIVE auction to benefit Relay hosted by the Marietta Jaycees. It is $25 to enter, includes dinner and two drinks. There is an open bar. Doors open at 6 pm. The auction will be held at the Gone With the Wind Museum on the Marietta Square. Contact me for more information. I will be going so maybe I will see you there.

I only have 3 coupon books left for $20 each. They are full of area coupons and discounts. Just the Jiffy Lube coupon pays for the book. Let me know if you want one.

We have scratch off tickets this year. Behind each bubble is a value ($1, $5, $10, $20, $25). What you scratch off, you donate. If you scratch the entire card you "pay" $250. Great ice breaker for the office or other places where you may have people willing to donate but you're not sure how to ask.

As always we have the coin cans and sunshines. I have a friend in Florida selling feet and sunshines for us in all of her stores. YAY! Another easy way to bring in some money for your totals.

Garage Sale: April 16th and 17th at the HomerHouse as usual. I am already taking donations, so please contact me if you have items. Remember that you get credit towards your fund raising for donating and for helping run the sale.

On Site: We will be selling Papa Johns again this year. I talked to my pizza guy and he may even join the team. He is planning on working the pizza truck so that gives us a bit of a breather (yay!) We may do the crowns again this year, they sold VERY well. We will be doing the Keeping Track beads. I ordered the necklaces last week. We will not be doing face painting but we will have the tattoos on site.

May 23 Strand Fundraiser: Jen H (our co-captain) has organized a HUGE fundraiser at the Stand on the Marietta Square. We will be hosting an Organ concert on May 23rd at 3 pm. We will also have a silent auction on site. Tickets will be $10, maybe $5 for survivors...still working on details. If you have any items for the auction, please let us know.

Ok, that covers fund raising. The next team meeting will be April 23rd, 6pm, at the HomerHouse to decorate Luminary bags. We are still doing the 10$ white bags and 25$ gold butterfly bags. Make sure you bring your list of names to the meeting or take a few bags home to decorate. We will also sign up for night of jobs at that time.

Relay Night: May 7th and 8th at Jim Miller. I will be at the site around 8am on Friday to start setting up. More information on the night of later.

THANK YOU so much for being a part of this little team that could. If we can manage to bring in $40,000 we will have raised $250,000 in 7 years. I found old emails that had our goal at 5 years to break $100,000-wow did we beat that goal or what??? That is absolutely amazing and I have each and every one of you to thank. I am honored to be working with you again this year---lets get ready to FIGHT BACK!!!

Please call if you have an questions, FB or email me.


"We are Friends with HOPE, We are Friends making a difference, we are Friends for LIFE"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Calling all Friends for a Team Meeting!!

Hi Friends for LIFE,
Just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know we will be having a meeting in March. The date is set for Thursday, March 18th at the HomerHouse. I would like to start 6:00-6:30 but feel free to come from work and hang out until the majority arrives. We will have appetizers as usual. Email me if you need directions.
I will have incentives from last year to hand out including grand club shirts if you did not pick yours up. We will be discussing 2010 FFL team shirts (do we want them?), team fundraisers and activities the night of relay. Jen H has been working on a great project and I can't wait to have her share what she's been up to. Brandon Richard also has been working hard on a fundraiser and we'll talk about that as well. I bought the campsite decorations on sale after Mardi Gras so that is all set. I think camp will be smaller this year but that's ok with me. We will also be having the garage sale April 16th and 17th so bring any items you may have collected when you come to the meeting on the 18th. We only need to raise $40,000 to break a quarter of a million dollars, that's not too hard-right?? :)
We also have to come up with a give away for Survivors this year, I will explain more in detail but I can't wait to share that with you all as well. If you know of a survivor that has not been to relay, please invite them to come. They are what Relay is all about and we would love to help them Celebrate! They are still taking nominations for Torch Bearers so go to the website if you know of someone that you would like to walk in the torch ceremony.
PLEASE register if you have not already done so. The deadline for tee shirt sizes from the ACS is March 15th. Also, if you know of a sponsor that may want to be involved in Relay please let me know. We have a great sponsorship package for businesses this year.
There will be a silent auction this year, on Thursday March 25th from 6-9 pm at the Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum. Only 100 tickets will be sold. Dinner and two drink tickets are included. This is a LIVE auction with some silent auction items. The items are bigger ticket items so come prepared. :) If you would like tickets, let me know or email Kellie Jett is committee and would be glad to answer any questions you might have.
If you know ahead of time any supplies you might need (forms, stickers, cups, pens, etc) please let me know so I can have them at the meeting.
Thank you so much for being a part of our team. Whether you have donated to our team in the past, you have been or are currently a team member or you just provide us with emotional support, THANK YOU for your involvement. Our Hope is to one day find a cure. My HOPE is that my grand kids will ask, "What WAS Cancer?"

"We are friends with HOPE, We are Friends making a difference, We are Friends for LIFE!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Team Update for 2010 Relay

Hi Everyone!

It's that time again, RELAY SEASON!! :) You are getting this email because you have been a team member or supporter in the past. If you have already joined the team for 2010, WELCOME BACK and THANK YOU!! If you would like to join, there is still plenty of time. I have a few notes that I wanted to pass along to Friends for LIFE 2010:

I would like to welcome Jennifer Hewett as our co-captain of FFL this year. Jen has been on the team for many years and has graciously agreed to help me run the team. Life has been getting in the way of living recently and I can't thank her enough for volunteering to help me.

This Saturday (February 13th) is a team fundraiser sponsored by our RFL partners, Dixie. Please come out to Brunswick Zone (6345 Spalding Drive, Norcross 30092) for an evening of no-tap bowling (9 pins counts as a strike). Entry is $20 per person for adults and $15 for those under 18. ALL proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. All skill levels welcome and encouraged to participate! I will be there with the kids and I hope to see you there.

This year Cobb Relay will be having a LIVE auction instead of a silent auction. It will be on March 25th at 6pm at the Gone With the Wind museum on the Marietta Square. Tickets are $25 and include all the food you can eat and two drink tickets. Please let me know if you have any items over a $250 value that you would care to donate. Our team receives credit for any items donated to the auction.

We WILL be having a Spring Garage Sale so spread the word. April 16th and 17th from 8am-3pm at Day Lily way (the Homer House). Please save your items and ask anyone you know for items as well. We did not have a sale in the Fall due to lack of items so hopefully by now we have plenty to put in the sale.

We are looking to have a team meeting in March and another one in April. Please respond to with what day is best for you. I know many of us have commitments and I would like to catch as many people as possible. Feel free to call me as well if that's easier 770-924-1971. I will post all updates to the blog as well as email so if you need to locate information quickly please visit for more information.

The theme this year for Relay is Carnival of HOPE. FFL's theme for the night of is cANSWER KREWE ( a mardi gras theme). Please keep an eye out for any items in purple/green/gold that we can use to decorate our campsite. It's a fun, festive theme and I hope to get team shirts made to match.

Thank you again for your help in helping me FIGHT BACK!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


To all My Friends for LIFE,

We had one awesome year...we raised between $26,000-$27,000 AND the totals are still rolling in!! We shattered the $200,000.00 mark and next year we WILL break a quarter of a million dollars---our "little team that could"! That's absolutely amazing and I couldn't do it without each of you. We have until August 1st before the 2010 Relay kicks off but please be thinking about folks that may want to be on the team in 2010. We will be having a team kick off in September.

Mom-Thanks for all your help last week getting ready and for all your help on site. You should be an honorary committee member. Also Dumpy is a lifesaver-thanks for sharing!

Bev-Thank you-Thank you for getting the cd's, team water, change, and helping things run smooth on site.

Steph-Thank you for your leadership onsite and your decorating...Best Campsite 2009!! Awesome job!

Rob-I could not do ANY of this without your support-all my love, thank you!

Jen H & Angie-The tee shirts were fantastic and sold very well, thank you!

The Pizza krewe-Christie, Adam, Cliff, Lars, Andy, Jen H & Kevin- Awesome job feeding the masses!! People love the pizzas and you guys did a great job, thank you!

Rachel, Kayla, Michele, Piper & Jared-great job walking the track selling crowns and glow sticks. You guys ROCK! You also stayed all night and were helping pack up till the bitter end, thank you!

Licha-you got there so early and stayed till the end. We hope you enjoyed FFL and look forward to having you with us next year! Thank you!

Laura-Your crowns and clips were beautiful, they really helped make the site look pretty and they sold very well. Great idea, great job and Thank you!

Mom Homer-Thank you for hanging with the kids, your job was one of the toughest and I appreciated you helping them have a great Relay experiance!

Kelli-Great job at the rock wall, I didn't get to see you much but I hope you had a great Relay! Thanks for taking all three shifts off site! :)

Brandon-Thank you for sitting with me at the info booth and for running the poker tournament-an extra $1,000 for FFL-way to go!

John-Thanks for keeping the co-chair duties running smooth so I could divide my time between chair and team. It's been an honor working with you this year. I hope you stay on FFL next year! :)

To the Friends that came out to support us, thank you! I got to see a couple of you, if only for a moment. Some of you I completely missed and for that I apologize. Next year I won't have to be off site at all and that is a wonderful feeling! I missed that aspect of Relay so much these past few years and I am already looking forward to next year.

I appreciate each and every one of you being on the team or supporting our team. If I forgot anyone, my sincere apologies. I cannot thank you enough for letting me lead you as well as supporting me while I was the co-chair. It has been a long road but now I can go back to being just Tracey. I truly believe the work we are doing is saving lives everyday and I would have been selfish to not step up and be chair. But--I know for a fact that FFL would not have survived these past two years without the strong backbone of team members like all of you. I'm already looking forward to next year and I hope each one of you is planning to return to the team as well.

Even though the tone will be a LOT more relaxed next year, we will still have a goal of $18,000...I fully believe we can do that! If you have any ideas for fundraising, please let me know. I think the auction is going by the wayside, but there should be plenty of opportunities out there. We will have the Fall and Spring garage sale and a bowling tournament is in the works. There have been rumors of a poker tournament or a 5K walk/run...we will just have to wait and see.

Thank you everyone for being a part of the 2009 Relay for Life team. As you know, "We are friends with HOPE, we are friends making a difference, we are Friends for LIFE".

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ready to Relay?

We only have three days to go...can you believe Relay is almost here!?!!

I have been working on getting a schedule together for the night of activities. We will be selling Papa Johns and Drinks. We will also have a sale table on site with the following items:
*All Are Our Heroes Cd's
*Princess Crowns
*Glow necklaces
*Friends for Life 2009 Tee Shirts
*Keeping Track Bead Necklaces

We are sponsoring a rock wall down in the KidZone area as well as selling the cd's and Keeping Tracks beads down at the main information booth for the ACS.

We have four fantastic opportunities to sell items and raise even more money in the fight against cancer. Granted, coming in as a Top Team is always a bonus :) It helps with the order of campsite selection for the following year so that we can keep our same spot. Don't forget to turn in any money that you may not have gotten in by team bank night. Stephanie is our on-site money person.

Just a few quick reminders:
* Label any items you bring from home, especially if you are leaving before Saturday morning.
*FFL shirts will be $9 if you pre-ordered, $10 on the track (pick up shirts the night of).
*I have everyone's 2009 Relay for Life participant shirt, they are labeled and will be at the track for pick up-look for the clear bin near the team sign in table on our site.
*Team picture will be taken at the campsite immediately following the team lap (first is Survivor lap, then Kids Walk Lap and then Team Lap).

Directions to the Park:
Coming from the south on I75, take the Windy Hill Rd exit and go west to Austell Rd. Turn right on Austell Rd and go to County Services Rd. Turn left on County Services Rd and go to Al Bishop Dr. Turn left on Al Bishop Dr

Coming from the north on I75, take the North Marietta Parkway exit and go west. The North Marietta Parkway becomes Powder Springs Rd. Continue to County Services Rd. Turn left on County Services Rd and go to Al Bishop Dr. Turn right on Al Bishop Dr.

Coming from West Cobb, take Powder Springs Rd to Callaway Rd. Turn right on Callaway Rd.

Thank you everyone! I look forward to seeing you soon! :):) !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19th Meeting Recap

Hi Friends!

I would like to thank everyone that came out to the meeting tonight. Our team is taking shape and we have some really good ideas. Here are some important highlights:

1) We are working on the FFL tee shirt design for 2009. It will not have FFL on it so that we can sell some on site. I will email a picture out when we finalize everything. Thank you to Angie and Stephanie for taking this on. We will let you know how much they cost as soon as we can. These shirts are optional but most team members chose to get one to wear the night of Relay.

2) The silent auction is on Monday March 16th from 6-8 pm at Piedmont Church off Piedmont road and Canton road in Marietta. Food will be provided and there will be a free will donation to get in the door. We need items to be donated so please try and find something to contribute. The more items we have to bid on, the more money that comes in to Cobb Relay. Our team gets credit for whatever items we bring in...any questions please ask.

3)The Spring Garage Sale will be the 17th & 18th of April at the Homer House. We have our luminary decorating team meeting that week, so please bring any items you have to the Homer House that night or some time before the 15th. This is usually one of our biggest fundraisers. Please make sure that the items are in fairly good condition. A good once over with a rag will help me tremendously with pricing and organizing all of the items to make sure the sale goes as smoothly as possible.

4) This year, in order to receive a tee shirt from Cobb Relay, you must raise at least $100. They are still doing the $1,000 club shirts if you are able to raise that much individually. Other incentives are available starting st $250 or you can forgo a prize with the money saved going back to Relay.

5) Cobb Relay as a raffle this year for a credit of $30,000 towards a new or used car from Hayes automotive. Tickets are $5 each and I have those if you would like to sell them. Please let me know and I will get them to you. This is a GREAT way to meet your $100 goal--take them to work, the gym or your church.

6) For on site this year we will again be doing Papa John's pizza and cold drinks. I will try to get Monster to sponsor us as well. We will have our "Keeping Track" beads and we are going to try a couple new things. First is butterfly headbands and second is butterfly pens. These may be used as give aways for the kids walk portion of our on site fund raising.

7) There are three options this year for tribute items. In Honor or In Memory of those who have fought cancer, of all ages. A-Traditional White Luminary bags for a donation of $10 each. B-Sponsor a Butterfly for the Butterfly Release for $25 and also receive a gold luminary to personalize for the Luminary Ceremony. C-A Candle Sponsorship to be lit at the main stage during the Luminary Ceremony for $100. Loved one's picture will be displayed on an LED screen during the Luminary Ceremony.This is a great opportunity to raise money for your goal as well as CELEBRATE and REMEMBER those who have fought so hard against this awful disease.

As most of you know, we have had a matching donor for the past few years. As a team we are entirely grateful for every penny we have received to go towards Relay. This year we are on our own so we need to work extra hard to Fight Back. I usually set our team goal at half what we did the year before in case we had no matching. This year I would REALLY love it if we could raise $18,000---in 5 years we have raised $182,000 in the fight against cancer, I would love to see FFL go above $200,000. Not bad for a few friends and family members!!

Thank you all for your commitment to Fight Back! See you at the Silent Auction on the 16th of March or the next Friends for LIFE meeting on the 15th of April. As always, please call or email with any questions, comments or concerns.

Tracey, Christie and Stephanie

Friends for LIFE Captains

Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Relay Season Dates

Steering Committee Dates (if you're on committee)
Monday March 30th 5:30 at Wellstar
Monday April 20th 5:30 at Wellstar
Thursday April 30th BANK NIGHT at the Cobb EMC building
Tuesday May 5th at Jim Miller Park

Team Captains meetings (all team members are invited to attend)
Monday April 13th at 5:30 Sedalia Park Elementary

Friends for LIFE Meeting (all team members are encouraged to attend)
Luminary Decorating:Wednesday April 15th 6:00 Tracey's house BRING GARAGE SALE ITEMS and Luminary Names

Silent Auction
Monday March 16th at Piedmont Church (corner of Piedmont and Canton Roads in Marietta) from 6-8 pm

Garage Sale
Friday and Saturday April 17th and 18th from 8 am -3 pm

A few important details:
*The ACS is requiring that the $100 goal be met by each participant before receiving their tee shirt.
*This year individuals have the opportunity to purchase space in the program like an advertiser would do.
*As a transition from Kids Walk to Relay we will have a butterfly release (If someone does sponsor a butterfly (for $25 each) they will receive a special gold luminary bag for the campsite for the Relay Luminary Ceremony to be held later in the evening)
*As far as team fundraisers; we have the silent auction, the Spring garage sale, Papa Johns the night of and some sort of fundraiser for the Kids Walk (6 pm Friday night)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Registration Reminder!

This Friday (October 31st) is the last day of early bird registration. If you would like to register for only $5 then you need to do so by Friday. After this week the fee goes up to the normal $10 per person. We already have a great start on our team but if you know someone who would love to be involved with the American Cancer Society, please invite them to join Friends for LIFE. If they cannot commit at this time but would like to stay updated with what we do as a team, just email their information to me and I will keep them in the loop.

Our 1st year:
1 campsite, 10 members, $2,000 raised
Our 5th year:
6 campsites, 53 members, Over $182,000.00 raised-
number 1 team in the 4th largest Relay--in the WORLD--for the last 2 years...

What can we do with the 2009 Relay???
Go to to register

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Garage Sale is ON!

We WILL be having a Garage Sale in the Fall. The date of the sale will be
October 3 & 4
at Tracey's house, as usual.
There was way too much interest to not hold the sale, so please clean out your closets and send stuff my way. As always, I will be available to come get items, just give me a call or send an email to the gmail address on the top right of the blog page.

If you have not registered at please do so asap. You do not need to pay the money now and it only takes a few minutes of your time. If you are uncomfortable paying with a credit card online, or just want to wait to pay, you may give me the $5 when you see me. Remember, if you register by October 31st you are in the drawing from the ACS for two round trip tickets on Airtran.

Also, if you register by December 15th, you will guarantee your shirt size for the Friends for LIFE annual tee shirt. We are working on the design now and want to have them ordered by the first of the year. Ordering the shirts, as well extra shirts for those who have not registered yet for the team, comes out of the Team Captain's pockets so please be aware of this. Ordering early will enable us to wear them at the FFL team fundraisers in the Spring as well as to the night of Relay.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's time for us to once again register for Friends For LIFE. If you are new to the team WELCOME!! If you have been involved in the past THANK YOU for returning!!
Your team captains (Tracey Homer, Christie Blair and Stephanie Moore) are getting together this week to determine the meeting dates schedule as well as potential fundraisers. We will post all information to this site as well as sending out emails.
Please go to to register,
there is a $5 registration fee that includes your Relay for Life tee shirt. After October 31st the registration goes up to $10. Anyone who registers during the early bird is put into a drawing for two round trip airline tickets, anywhere that Airtran goes.

The theme this year is
The color of HOPE
Our team theme is
Wings of HOPE
We will be using butterflies to help decorate the campsite with many different cancer colors.
If you have any ideas for fundraisers please contact us, you can click on the gmail link on the upper right hand corner.
Here's to a great 2009

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wrap up--Charge Up

ON SEPTEMBER 4th at 5:30 pm
ACS sponsored Wrap up/Charge Up
FFL was the Top Fund Raising team for 2008
All team members invited
Way to go Friends!!

Thank you 2008 Captains!

With our sincere, HEART filled appreaciation,
Friends For LIFE
would like to thank our 2008 captains

Christie Blair
Angela Carley
Stephanie Moore

2008-2009 Transition

Hi team, it's your captain Tracey. Yes, I took over the team again, and yes I am still the chair of Cobb County. Christie Blair will still be my co-captain, but she has three young ones involved with sports and school--and is also on steering committee with me--so her involvement is as crazy as mine. If you would like to help us as a co-captain, please let me know.

I have quite a bit to discuss with you so listen carefully. :)

1) I will be using the official ACS website to send a majority of the emails (like I am doing today), NOT the Yahoo! account that I have used in the past. This format is MUCH easier for me to use and this year I need all the help I can get. Please visit the FFL blog at I will post items here after I have sent emails.

2) There will be no October garage sale. I have very few items in my garage and there is a wedding in October that requires some attention. For those of you that do not know Jennie, my co-captain in past years, is getting married on 10-11-08. Therefore, I don't think that I will be able to pull it all together. If this is a BIG problem let me know and maybe we can work something out for a November garage sale. Usually it's warm enough so that shouldn't be a problem. Time and need of things to sell is the problem.

3)PLEASE take note that this site (the Cobb Relay 2008 site) will be shutting down and we will have to re-register for the 2009 year. Registration is set to launch the beginning of September so check back in a couple weeks. There will be an early bird registration discount of $5 before kick off in January. Go ahead and sign up ASAP and you can utilize the end of year donations that folks may need for taxes. We also have a continuous giving tool on the website that allows people to donate on a monthly basis with an auto withdraw system. Instead of a one-time $50 gift you may get 12 months at $10...just a thought.

4) If everyone would PLEASE :) send me an email, and let me know if you are planning on returning to FFL, that would be greatly appreciated. We have dates to set for our meetings but I will email you about that at a later date. The meetings will still be here, at my house, so stay tuned. My email address is the same as always,

5) On Thursday night, September 4th, Cobb Relay is having a Wrap up-Charge Up celebration to honor top participants/teams from last year and get us geared up for this coming year. All team members are invited to attend. Please let me know if you can make it when you RSVP to me about your plans to join/not re-join FFL.

As a team we were shy of $60,000 by a couple hundred bucks...close enough in my opinion! Great work team!!! Cobb County stands at $990,000.00 as of this morning. I would think we are going to still be considered a million dollar Relay-and you ALL played a very important role in achieving that goal. Thank you so much for your past and, HOPEFULLY, future involvement in FFL.

Thank you so much!
Tracey Homer
770-924-1971 home
404-406-7422 cell