Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chalkers Friends for LIFE 2012

 2012 Chalker's Friends for LIFE Team Pic
Thank you to Mr. Hewett for printing our sign
 Ryan and Jess
 The boys working hard to sell pizzas

 I <3 Chalker PTA!!!
Someone won a cake walk treat, selling pizzas makes you hungry!

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people that came out to support us.  After all donations and matching funds we will have raised close to $39,000.  Way to go!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tail Gate for a CURE

YAY!! I am happy to announce that the theme this year for Relay is Tailgate for a Cure. Since our team is a "blended family" I am suggesting that we come up with some sort of theme that lets everyone wear their own team colors. I know that I would not be very happy about wearing a rival teams jersey all night long and I also know that I have every piece of spirit ware made for my beloved tigers. Feel free to show your team pride and help us FIGHT BACK!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ready, Set, MERGE!

This is the 9th Relay for Friends for LIFE, we have been in the top 6 for 7 of those years...not too shabby!! Problem is that our group gets smaller and smaller but the demands remain the same-trying to keep that enthusiastic momentum takes a LOT of work. In an effort to maintain my sanity as a working sports mom, I decided that we needed to merge FFL with the kids elementary school. I currently sit on the PTA as the Health and Wellness chair, this of course encompasses Relay. My goal is to increase awareness that Chalker has had a team for many years and has done extremely well to boot. Since I will be working at school as well as on the personal team, it just made sense to put them together. My co-captain is Amy Scott, a 1st grade teacher at Chalker. I am really excited for what the year will bring!

On the Chalker side of things we will have Chick-Fil-A biscuit sales twice a month on Fridays before school. It has been a very successful fundraiser in the past and I agree that we should stick with what works. Hat days are also part of the plan. Our biggest endeavor is to incorporate "Relay Days" similar to Red Ribbon Week. This has been my dream to go County wide with this program and Chalker will give it a run this year. Relay Days will be the week leading up to the Relay event. Monday will be wear Purple. Friday will be a Hat day. In a perfect scenario we can incorporate fun relay facts into the morning announcements and life saving facts on how to prevent cancer throughout the curriculum. This may not happen all in one year but baby steps can make it happen. I would LOVE to have Chalker students make a trek out to the track with thier families for the actual Relay event. Keep your fingers crossed.

On the FFL side we will still do the garage sale in April. I am looking at 2-3 weeks out from Spring Break which is the 2-6th. I would like to give our Chalker Family time to get items to my house and give myself time to sort and price. Look for final dates to be posted to FB or the blog. We will also do on site Papa Johns sales. I hope to get the Pizza truck again and do our usual thing. Again, stick with what works. We will also do the Ballo-minaries again. These were so beautiful and I have tweaked the process a bit. I stumbled upon a new lighted balloon that I think will work much better for the unpredictable conditions of relay day.

I totally snagged this pic off the internet...maybe I can get the Chalker Cheetah to come out to Relay!?! That would be awesome!