Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friends for LIFE Shirts

Before we begin, I want to clarify the 2 different shirts that we are ordering now. One is just for our team members and the other is for a fundraiser...they are 2 different designs!
  1. team shirts - these are the underdog shirts that you will purchase to wear to fundraisers and the night of Relay. The cost is $12.
  2. fundraiser shirts - this is the shirts that we are giving to people if they commit to a $20 donation.

Okay, at our first meeting we asked everyone to commit to getting donations for 10 shirts. This would be a quick and easy way for you to raise $200. We would like to pre-sale the shirts so that we know how many shirts we need and also which sizes. If you would like to commit to this fundraiser, please print out the pre-sale form (attached) and get started!
The deadline for the pre-sales is March 26th. This gives you 2 weeks to find 10 people to give you donations. We need to keep the time frame short so that the people who order the shirts do not have to wait too long to receive them.
Here are some thoughts on this fundraiser:
  • I would suggest that you word it like this: "If you make a donation of $20, you will receive a FREE t-shirt". Instead of asking them to buy a $20 t-shirt.
  • Some teammates are suggesting a donation of $25 if they would like for it to be tax deductible.
  • Long sleeve shirts are available for $2 more.
  • If they pay by check, just put it in your envelope and hang on to it.
  • It they pay by cash and it is $25 or more, please fill out a cash receipt so that we have records for tax purposes. If it is $20, just put it in your envelope and hang on to don't need a receipt.
  • If they want to pay by credit card, you can give them a link to your personal fundraising page. Please make sure you receive their payment before we order their shirt!
  • You will receive 100% of what you raise. If you get $200 in donations, all $200 will go towards your fundraising goal!!
  • Feel free to "sell" more than 10 shirts!!
I have attached a file of the design will look like so that you can show people. The image with the design on the shirt is not 100% accurate, I just used that to give you an idea. The design will probably be a little larger across the chest.
Please reply back if you plan on participating in this fundraiser. I have the list of names from the first meeting and would love to have the WHOLE team on the list!! Be creative! Think of co-workers, friends from church, family members...everyone LOVES t-shirts!

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