Friday, April 20, 2007

Team Update

Morning Team!

Last night we had a captains meeting and I wanted to go over some things with you.

First we were recognized as TOP FUNDRAISING TEAM from the auction. We kind of already knew that, but it was still really great to hear. We also received $500 from the ACS for bringing so many people to the auction. We were in second place, Sedalia Park Elementary bought in the most so they got $1,000.00. That is one reason why ticket sales are so important. Thank you to all that came out to the auction!!!

We may have some more people joining the team, we are working on mentoring another team who's captain got sick with her new round of chemo, so they may need to come under our wing. This is their first year and that makes it tough in itself. Hopefully they will agree to come with us and we can help them out. It will add about 13 more people to the team. Last night it was mentioned that we mayget 1 site for every 10 people instead of 1 for every 15. ACS will get back to us on that.

We did have someone volunteer to be our "Giggles the Gorilla" for the night of Relay. THANK YOU to Cory Grimsley for stepping up to do this. Mr./Ms. Relay is one of the most fun activities the night of, I just need to remember the bribes for the judges...

They did mention that there will be a Survivor Pancake breakfast. We had this in the past, before the days of John and Jack's, so I think we should still go ahead with doing breakfast. The years that the ACS did it were the ones were we had made mental notes that we should have done something for breakfast as well. What we had made us so woozy, Pillsbury biscuits cut up and thrown in a fryer, rolled in sugar. It sound good, we thought so too, but it sits like a lead weight at 4 am. So we are trying to get maybe some muffins and maybe something like we had last year~pastries and bacon, egg & cheese; sausage, egg and cheese, etc. THANK YOU to Diane Grimsley...she was able to get coffee, cocoa, cups, lids, cream &sugars donated. AWESOME! We also have two large coffee makers that we will use on site, one for coffee, one for cocoa. We should be pretty popular around 4am when the chills set in...

We got the design in for the tee shirts. I hope to wrap that up today and get the shirts ordered. THANK YOU to the Carley's-- Joe's brother designed the shirts. We are thinking about designing a logo for Friends for LIFE...boy are we getting fancy or what?!?

In the next few emails I will go over some housekeeping for the night of. The information that comes to us as captains is available to all of you this year on the Kintera,, site. If there is anything you need, look here. They are also asking people to write about why they relay. There is a big section for that on the homepage for kintera.

We are less then a month away. Relay will be here before we know it, but now is crunch time for getting details worked out. I will be increasing my emails as important things pop up that you need to be aware of.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the luminary party (bring your money to turn in) next Friday the 27th. I will be home, so come whenever~after work, after dinner, after the kids go to bed. Kids are invited though so don't let the last thing stop you from coming and having a good time with team members. Use this chance to get to know your fellow Friends before the night of. If you cannot make it then we will see you TWO weeks after that for Relay!!! Please, please, please try to stay all night long. The entire point of relay is to stay the whole night. I have a poem about this that I may send later (hand is starting to hurt from typing) about why we relay all night long, what is the significance and though it's not easy..there is a point to it. Plus I need folks to help with breakfast duty and for tear down. Closing ceremony is neat too when we get to hear names called out ( hopefully ours will be one that get recognized for oodles of things) for top fundraising teams, top individuals, grand club members, campsite decoration awards, trivia winners, team spirit etc.

OK, that's enough. Tune in next week for "8 Rules Set by the ACS for the night of Relay" and other exciting topics like "Committee Sign-ups" and "Sign-ups for items to bring to relay". You don't want to miss it. This has been your host, Tracey...until then~ keep workin' ! We're so close to number one overall~ before matching.

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