Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Team Business

Good Morning Everyone,

Instead of the wash we are going to have a Pampered Chef Party. The actual party will be the 12th of April. That is a Thursday night and we can do a little bit of quick business first and then enjoy the kitchen show. This is an AWESOME opportunity for our team--We are going to receive 25% of the sales from now until we close out the party on April 19th. Lynn Taylor the representative has VERY graciously donated her commission for the party to go to friends for life, and Pampered Chef is giving us the rest. 25% is an excellent way to add money to our team total. ANYONE can purchase from us, they can go to the website and order. It can be shipped right to their door so your Grandma in Iowa can help the team by buying stuff for her home. What a great deal!!! Please take advantage of this fundraiser, all you have to do is send the website to your friends and family in your address books and that's it! I will send another email with the details later.

We are set for the auction with over $4,000 in retail prices for our items. I am looking forward to this night, it is a wonderful auction and I cannot wait to see what the other teams have donated.

The garage sale is this weekend on Friday and Saturday at my house from 8-3 each day.

For the night of Relay we are trying to get Papa John's to come in and help us, more on that later.

The car bash is still trying to get off the ground, we are still waiting to hear back from the Big Shanty Festival people.

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